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Prime New York Steak


Our Premium USDA Processed Beef is available by the 1/4, 1/2 or Whole Beef.

Cost is $8/lb on the hanging weight & includes all cut/wrap fees. Our beef is USDA Processed by Century Oak Packing in Mt. Angle Oregon.

Now Reserving for Spring 2024!

By submitting this form, your are not comitting to purchase anything, you are just being placed on a list to be contacted before our next processing.

I am interested in:

Thank you! We will contact you  with avalability up to 6 weeks prior to our next processing!

New to Ordering Locker Beef direct from the Farm?

To help make this process easier we have created some guides that you can download for FREE that will help you understand the process, how to get your beef cut, how much space they will take & more! Plus, Most importantly, check out our downloadable guide on how to cook the perfect steak - you won't regret it!


How we Feed our Cattle for Premium Beef!

In an effort to continue to provide top quality beef to our customers, this last year we ran a test with part of our herd & the way we feed them. We changed out the fat source in our feed ration from Rice Bran to Flax Seed Oil in an effort to increase the levels of Omega-3 in the meat. We fed some with our original ration and some on the new ration containing Flax Seed Oil.

At finishing, we then processed the beef and sent ground beef from each steer to a lab to have them analyzed for Omega-3 content. This is what we discovered...

Rice Bran Feed Program:

The Meat contains 56mg of total Omegs-3 per 100g serving.
16mg of these are long chain* Omega-3

Flax Oil Feed Program:

The Meat contains 187mg of total Omegs-3 per 100g serving.
60mg of these are long chain* Omega-3

The feeding of Flax Oil also helps to improve the health and coat(hair) of our cattle. So even though this change in our ration has an increased cost associated with it, we strive to continue to improve the way we raise cattle, care for them & the product that we provide to our customers.


As a comparison the average grass fed beef will contain around 80mg per 100g serving.**

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